Learn how to cook amazing desserts, without sugar and baking.
Innovative RAW desserts online-course by Daniil Gordeev
What are RAW desserts?
NO baking
NO eggs
NO sugar
NO flour
NO preservatives
Only natural and plant ingredients
What will be on our course?
Who is this course for ?
for those care about their health
For mothers and their children
For people, who want to keep fit
For vegans and raw foodies
For those who love new experiments
For professional confectioners and begginers
What will you learn?
You will learn, how to replace/combine ingredients

Create your own RAW desserts

Cook popular desserts with plant ingredients

Decorate cakes brightly and beautifully

Take stylish photos of food, like popular stars of
Instagram and blogers

And that is not all….
Why RAW desserts?
Everyone around you is screaming about their benefits! And you still don't know what is so special about them?⠀
RAW desserts are the pleasure without side effects !

That means that even allergics can eat them ! As well as people who take care about their health , fit and body.
That means such desserts suit for diabetics or people who try to lose weight.
NO preservatives, GMO, flavor enhancers, stabilizers.
RAW desserts consist only of fresh and organic ingredients.
That's why they are absolutely healthy and beneficial to the human body.
Oh that's not all.
RAW desserts do not require baking.
So, if you do not like long and complex culinary process or just don't like working with the oven, it will be a true delight for you to cook RAW desserts.

RAW desserts are a wonderful opportunity to lead the whole family to proper nutrition without tears, disputes and violence. It is enough to replace chocolates and sweets from the supermarket to RAW desserts.
Everyone will love them, because raw sweets much tastier than the harmful store-bought alternatives.

In addition, you can prepare raw desserts together with your child. Firstly, it is an exciting activity for them. Secondly, the process of creating healthy sweets will help to get closer to children.
When you know the technique of making raw desserts, you...:
As you can see, RAW desserts have a huge number of advantages. And even more of them you will discover when you try them. The taste is extraordinary! And most importantly - not a single "against".
You do not need to go food-shopping before a holiday or celebration in search of a healthy and tasty dessert or to make an order of one a few days before the event.

You have a nice opportunity to combine different tastes and ingredients to come up with your own recipes.

You can decorate desserts to your own taste; using any materials you want: flowers, berries, chocolate, etc.
How does the training go?
At the beginning of training we send on your e-mail the access to the course
Every week you get video lesson for homework
You choose time and day by yourself, when it's convenient to watch the lesson
At the end of the training you get your graduation diploma of our online school and 2 month access to our platform
You can ask the curator of the course about everything, you will get feedback and analysis of yout desserts. It's especially convenient, while doing homework
Also, at the very beginning of the course you will have the food photography lesson
List of desserts from the course:
Happy Rodger
Pumpkin In the City
RAW Cheesecake
Beet Boom
Avocado Energy
Chocolate Citrus
RAW Strawberry Ice Cream
RAW Chocolate Ice Cream
Cupcakes with Nutella
Works of our students:
Daniil Gordeev
Founder of the culinary school Gordeev.Artcook
– Food Scientist
– Chef
– 3-year experience of a designer - know everything about dessert's decor
– Supporter of healthy eating and lifestyle
– Practised in Europe in Culinary Schools
"With great pleasure I will be your friend and support , on the way of new knowledge and skills in the world of healthy desserts. I will share my experience and protect from all difficulties and mistakes in cooking, which I ran into".
"I am a Confectioner"
Trial version
(1 week)
  • 3 step by step video lessons of RAW desserts
  • The lesson: an overview of the ingredients
  • The lesson: household equipment and confectionery supplies
  • Shopping List for RAW Desserts
  • The lesson: How to soak cashews
  • Feedback from the curator of the course
join the course
Full version
  • 13 step by step video lessons of RAW desserts
  • Food Photography Master Class
  • Feedback from the curator of the course
  • The lesson about kitchen equipment
  • Shopping list of ingredients
  • The list of alternative ingredients
  • The instruction of activating different nut
  • Graduation Certificate "I am a сonfectioner"
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Our clients love us
  • I can't express how this course changed my view on desserts. Thanks to these recipes my children don't want any other sweets except mine!
    Veronika Lebedeva
  • I can't believe that today was the last lesson. It was an amazing , unbelievable journey ! Thanks for the whole team and Daniel ! I love this and all the recipes.
    Since now I will never buy a dessert anymore, because mine are better and healthier
    Svetlana Boykova
  • Finally I've found absolutely verified and accurate recipes. So detailed explanation and step by step instructions that u simply can't fail. And my family just love all of my desserts. Thank u so so much
    Angela Geydt
  • This final cake is from our fantastic course is a precise characteristic of the new me and my life over the last year who follows my blog will understand

    Such a stunning cake, and the taste is not avocado, but rather a green Apple, refreshing, juicy, sour! This light raw cake really will charge you with energy due to a healthy rich avocado, citrus juice and thin nut cake! And all this superfudge madness is complemented by the lime, mint and spirulina
    Irina Litskaya
  • That brings me to the end of my training of RAW desserts at school #gordeevartcook

    I caught myself thinking that I was even a little sad

    But I see and bright side in this moment, Now I'm going to float freely. And there's a world of creativity in front of me. Now I understand it from the inside of the kitchen and willing to experiment with flavors, because I realized that even beet is a win-win product in this craft

    Cake "Philip" definitely will be one of my favorites, because walnut-chocolate filling reflected the warm notes of the taste, and the cherry cashew cream adds comfort this winter this is Such a warming winter flavour Here are my Associations

    What did I understand during the course? I can do more than I think

    I and kitchen - are incompatible , perhaps partly this was little cause of my drastic change of diet ( only tssss)

    I realized that I can make delicious desserts with pleasure I really love this culinary fuss

    Thanks to the whole team of the school @gordeev.artcook you made a great work, the organization of the course, recipes, the food photo master class, you have thought of everything You really make the world tastier
    Sasha Artemeva
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